Common Mistakes Homeowners make while Renovating Houses

You’ve gone through countless listings, outbid your competition and finally closed on a house. Congratulations now comes the hard part: renovations. Whether you go for just redecoration or a complete overhaul of the house, there’s a lot more to renovation that one might think. Not every project comes with financial pitfalls as huge as remodeling projects. With this in mind, here is a short list of the most expensive and most commonly committed mistakes homeowners make during such projects, along with some ton how to avoid them.

Starting the project too soon

If you want to move into the house after renovations, any experienced interior designer will tell you that you need to understand the house a bit before you start with the works. Understand how the sun hits the house throughout the day, where would putting the laundry stuff make the most sense and where would you like the groceries to land, amongst many other things.

Understanding all of this will help you make a more informed decision when you decide to change things up.

Bad design

Of all the bad decisions that can cost you a fortune, bad design is the worst. There’s a couple of such houses in every neighborhood beg you to answer what were they thinking? A poorly designed addition looks like an afterthought at best and most of the times it looks like it just needs to be taken down.

To avoid going down this path, talk to someone who is expert with interior design ballarat and get a feel of what is possible with your house and what will work well. It will help you understand all the options and adjust your expectations

Miscalculating the costs

Most renovation projects end up costing more and taking more time than planned, so make sure to always add 20% to the final estimations of the project when creating the budget. If you don’t feel like you’re lacking funds, cut back on some of the lavish options to bring the projections within your budget.

Going for the lowest bid

You won’t be going around getting your house renovated every second year or so, therefore, don’t go with the lowest bid and try to cut corners. Good professionals strive to provide you with the value for your money. You’ll end up spending a lot of money on the project one way or another. It’s better if you get professional help and be satisfied with your job once it’s done.

Don’t spend on tech

Technology gets outdated very quick. While wiring your house for Internet and video may seem like a cool idea to you, your next buyer may not be as impressed with ageing systems like this. If you still want to, you can limit it to one room, allocating something special to every room.


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