5 Ways The Art Of Lighting Can Transform Your Home

There are many elements that come together to make a beautifully articulated house. It takes a careful collaboration of color, texture, handpicked objects and a lot more. One element that can take your home’s aesthetic and kick it up a notch is the lighting. The way one curates lights is truly an art and can either make or break a place’s aesthetic and vibe. Here are some ways you can transform your house with just the way you light it.

Accent Lighting

If you have a piece of art or a mantel piece that compliments your home décor, you can install some accent lighting to attract subtle attention to the decoration piece in question. Putting up lights in certain angles can bring attention to the little details that otherwise would have gone unnoticed or create an interesting perspective.

Lighting Ecosystem

Layering the lights in your living space can make a big difference in the overall finishing of the area. If layered in harmony lights can bring a lot of elegance and sophistication to the room. It can make the room brighter but not overwhelmingly so. A trick to layer lights is to put up some ceiling fixtures and some on the floor. This can be achieved by installing spotlights and angling them to create the perfect blend. You should call in electrical contractors perth for the task.

Bold Lighting

Sometimes a bold lighting decision can make a living space come to life. A good example of this is pendant lights. Pendant lights come in so many shapes and sizes that it would be impossible to count if we tried. There is one for any and every kind of aesthetic that one could be going for with their interior design. It is very important that your pendant light complements the existing lights of the room and cannot completely replace the overall lighting of the space.


Sometimes the goal of a light fixture isn’t to illuminate the room but to create an interesting light pattern in the room. Placing lights in dark spaces in a smart way can give the room many moods. Turning on all the correctly placed lights can make the gloomy room much more preppy and turning off some lights can create interesting contrasts in the room to change the mood, it can vary from day to night or event to event.


The choice of the color of lights that you put up make a very drastic difference, not only in the aesthetics of the area but on your mood too. More often than not florescent lights cause stress and warm lights are deemed to help productivity. Color can change an environment from practical to immersive. Different colors have different effects on one’s mood. Yellow makes you energized and productive, blue and green have a calming effect, red can cause angst and irritation and so on.
Plan out your lighting just as much as you would your furniture or art pieces and it will transform your living space completely. Make sure to choose the correct switches and power plugs to go with the aesthetics of your home.

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